Our physical wellness programs are designed to support and promote an active aging lifestyle for optimal health and functioning.


Therassage: Hydromassage Therapy 

Therassage is a therapeutic massage therapy that uses power jets to disperse waves of heated water.  A recliner/lounge chair offers better comfort and improved positioning for better results. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage for a fraction of the cost of a traditional massage while remaining fully clothed. Interactive touch screen allows for adjusting your massage and access to a variety of media.


Affordable: Compared to a traditional, hands-on-massage, Therassage is substantially more affordable, allowing you to get a massages more frequently.

Comfortable: Comfortably enjoy your Therassage in a soft, recliner lounge chair while remaining fully clothed.

Convenient: You can enjoy the full benefits of a Therassage in just 10 minutes...Anytime!

Customizable & Entertaining:  With the Therassage touchscreen, you get to control the treatment area, pressure and speed and choose from a variety of entertainment during your massage experience.


AVAILABLE FALL 2019! StretchOut: Assisted Stretch Therapy

As we age, muscles shorten and tendons become less elastic, placing more stress on the bones they attach to and pulling joints out of their natural alignment. StretchOut uses the concept of dynamic stretching to gently guide the body in and out of positions of tension which can lengthen muscles and tendons, and improve joint alignment while avoiding the risk for injury. Our practitioners have been trained to avoid the pitfalls of stretching in the presence of severe arthritis and/or joint replacements or the presence of other hardware.


  • Enhanced Nerve­/Muscle Coordination and Stretch Reflexes

  • Increased Circulation & Nutrition to Soft Tissues

  • Increased Range of Motion and Joint Alignment

  • Reduced Muscle and Tendon Tension     

AVAILABLE FALL 2019! KINETIC: Computerized Balance Training
Kinetic, powered by HUR®, is a scientifically-based balance therapy device designed to measure and improve balance, reduce falls and support independence.  Kinetic uses the motor-planning concept of think and move to improve the brain-body connection through interactive training activities. Sensors to pick up the slightest movements as the user interacts with various inputs from a standing platform and monitor. Information captured from each session is used to monitor progress and automatically make changes to the user’s program.


  • Analyzes balance quality and risk for falls.

  • Trains and improves multiple areas of the balance system.

  • Tracks progress and automatically adjusts the level of difficulty.

  • Includes a full suite of activities that are fun and challenging.

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