Our at-home services are designed to meet the needs of our patients and clients who are unable or prefer to receive their services using online technology in lieu of an in-person visit.  All services are designed for the needs of the older adults looking to maintain or enhance an active aging lifestyle. 

Telehealth Physical Therapy Consultation

Receive a virtual physical therapy consultation when an in-person visit is not possible.  This is ideal in such circumstances when you are ill, lack transportation, are traveling, or are simply not sure if physical therapy is needed or appropriate.  Telehealth consultations are covered by health insurance for anyone who has already has established themselves as a patient at 65+.  Click HERE to learn more. 


Virtual Physical Therapy

Browse our video library of therapeutic activities that can assist you with addressing a variety of conditions that can impact your mobility.  Activities are designed to complement a diagnosis and treatment plan established by your physical therapist. 


Virtual Medical Exercise 

Browse our video library of medically-oriented exercise programs designed specifically for older adults.  Choose from a variety of sessions that meet all ability levels to help you improve your fitness and lead an active aging lifestyle.  Designed to be the perfect complement to our facility-based G-FIT medical exercise program when you miss your session.

How it works:

  • Register as a site member by clicking on the Login/Join box in the top right corner of any web page.

  • Participate in a one-time Telehealth/E-Visit with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to help establish your therapy and wellness needs by clicking HERE.

  • Once you become an member, you'll be able gain access to members-only content including all virtual services and o will be able to schedule all services using all our online booking feature.