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Our premier service for adults 65 years and older offers physical & functional performance assessment of general wellbeing as well as both restorative and maintenance physical therapy services for specific ailments and conditions.  All programs are designed and overseen by owner Matthew Corn, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board-certified Geriatric Physical Therapist with over 22 years of clinical experience.


Telehealth Physical Therapy Consultations Are Now Available!  Click HERE to learn more.

Physical & Functional Performance Assessment

Want to know how your physical health stacks up against other persons in your age group?  We have a proprietary tool called G-FIT that measures 24 different physical and functional performance measures.  Once completed, you will receive a G-FIT score and "report card" that includes a comprehensive review of your results that will also be shared with your physicians of choice.  Physical therapy is usually recommended for lower functioning persons.  Moderately functioning persons will receive recommendations for maintaining or improving their physical health.  Annual testing or after any major medical event is recommended for all persons to ensure that their physical health remains optimal. 

Restorative Physical Therapy

Traditionally, physical therapy is considered "restorative" as the goal is to assist the client with restoring function to levels that occurred prior to the onset of illness, injury or surgery.  From a simple sprain to joint replacement, we are capable and prepared to exceed your rehabilitation expectations.

Maintenance Physical Therapy

The goal of maintenance physical therapy is to slow or halt further decline when the expectation of significant improvement is not realistic.  All clients being considered for a maintenance program must first go through a restorative program.  If improvement is no longer occurring the client is put through a series of functional performance tests to "qualify" them for such a program.

How It Works

Simply call to set up a consultation with Dr. Corn. We'll take care of the rest. While physician prescription/referral is always appreciated, Florida law allows for direct access to a doctor of physical therapy.  Regardless of the method of referral, we'll stay in close contact and share our findings with the health professionals of your choice.  Annual assessments and physical therapy service are also a covered service of most insurance plans.  Please call us to see if we participate with your plan.

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